Sunday, March 29, 2009

WHAT?!...I haven't posted since last YEAR?!!

WOW, it has been awhile, huh? As you know, I have been redecorating the kid's bedrooms and with the couple of part-time jobs, I haven't had extra time to organize my stamping area enough to make room to stamp. BUT, that is all about to change. I made this card today for Anne C. She needed a sympathy card but she didn't have a sympathy stamp set or time to make a card. So I told her that I had a card. When I went to get one out of my cards, I didn't really have one. So I decided to clear off my table and make a card. MAN, AM I RUSTY! But, I had so much fun. However, I am going to have to put my stamping on hold AGAIN! I am going to take everything out of this (utility/storage/stamping) room. I am going to clean and paint before the new washer and dryer comes on Friday. Then we will put most of everything back in. Hopefully when we do that, it will be neatly organized so that I can get back to stamping on a regular basis. So here is Anne's card. I hope she likes it.